Mississippi Rescue

This boat called for assistance after striking something in the river and started taking on water Friday night, June 7, 2002 at about 10:00 p.m.
Called in Sick and Captain Ratchett both responded to calls from US Coast Gaurd, Upper Mississippi River Group.

After about an hour of searching the vessel was located and 5 passengers were loaded onto Captain Ratchett . Called in Sick took the vessel under tow and pulled the water filled boat to the nearest shore. The 2 craft then proceeded to the Grafton boat ramp to return the rescued boaters to shore.
Thanks to both craft and the radio operator at US Coast Gaurd, Upper Mississippi River Group!

Notice the docking lights in this photo in relation to the water line. Towing was dificult even sitting this high due to all of the water onboard.
Here is the boat saturday morning. The docking lights are now at the water level.

Look at the water inside the boat. The cooler and cushions are afloat inside. The boat is sitting on the bottom and tethered to a tree.

Called In Sick Home